David Wear & Marci Claude

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Born and raised in the heart of Sevier County, David Wear holds a number of titles within the community, including Pigeon Forge Mayor, VP of Operations at The Island, Carpool Karaoke King, Husband and Father – but definitely not Professional Dancer. His dance experience includes living room performances of the MC Hammer dance while listening to 80s one-hit-wonders on vinyl.

Marci Claude serves as the Public Relations Manager for the Gatlinburg Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

She is passionate about telling the wonderful stories of Gatlinburg.  Marci has been married to her husband Rick Claude for 29 years.  They are empty nesters.  Together they have three adult children, a puppy and are looking forward to having grandchildren in the future.  Marci enjoys hiking, snow skiing, music and travel.  She enjoys dancing even though it is not on her list of hobbies.  Marci is also very competitive and looking forward to participating in Dancing with the Stars.

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